The advantages of Knoyce…

With our launch date approaching fast, Knoyce has been receiving a lot of feedback from it’s beta testers lately. Many of them have said that Knoyce was, quote, “not what I expected, I didn’t think it was going to be this nice…it is.. better than just nice”. Knoyce is releasing it’s new social network to the public August 4, 2009, and there are many people around the world anticipating it.

When asking the beta testers what they thought the best qualities of Knoyce were, they responded as such:

“Being able to log into Facebook, Myspace, and be able to watch Youtube videos all on the same page is insane.”

Facebook, Myspace, Youtube Integration

“I don’t like how people are using Facebook’s status updates like Twitter now. With Knoyce, it gives you a whole new way to communicate with your friends without it getting annoying.”

Comments Comparison

“I love the apps and the way that you can alter the position of the apps on your profile”


Many of our beta testers are current Facebook and Myspace users and they have all been wowed by the new features that Knoyce brings to the table.  Knoyce is poised to release to the public August 4, 2009.

Will you be a part of something “better than just nice…?”


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