officially releases to the public!

After much anticipation, Knoyce has released it’s new social network site to the public for all to join. There have been many registered users that have taken well to the site and are already running with it. Some of the new members on Knoyce have already began tweeting about Knoyce and one member in particular, has already invited over 300 of his friends and family.

Knoyce will grow based on the members, their participation and activity on the site. It is very easy to invite your family and friends with the ability to import your email address book contacts and send one large invite to all of them. There are several different ways to invite your friends:

Invite Family & Friends

Knoyce allows it’s users to do pretty much everything they need to do without leaving the site. With the ability to log into your Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Hulu, Friendfeed, Friendster, Digg, Technorati and other social networks without leaving Knoyce, the only thing left would be your email.

Facebook & Myspace Login

Friendfeed & Friendster Login

Wait…Knoyce allows it’s users to log into there emails without having to leave the site as well. Whether you have Yahoo, Gmail, Aol, or Hotmail, Knoyce has it for you. Knoyce make social media easy for it’s users.

Email Login

Email Login

Social media networking is changing everyday. Why not be somewhere “KNOYCE” where it doesn’t matter what’s going on outside of your network, because everything you need is on Join Knoyce today and become a part of something that is “better than just nice…” but KNOYCE!


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